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The Team Behind Serenity Kids

Children at Serenity Kids are provided with daily opportunities in which they can actively learn about themselves and the world around them. We provide a unique experience by bringing generations together…

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Our Team Members

Meet The Serenity Kids Team

serenity day care Jessica

Jessica Schneider

Hi Serenity Kids families! My name is Jessica Schneider and I will be one of your child’s preschool teachers! I am very excited to get to know your family and thank you for giving me the opportunity to help your child grow academically, socially and emotionally! I can’t wait to start our new adventure together!

serenity day care Kris

Kristen Mueller

Hello Serenity Kids Families!! My name is Kristen “Kris” Mueller. I am one of your child’s preschool teachers. I graduated from Minnesota State University Moorhead in December of 2005. I have earned a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education with a specialty in Early Childhood Education. Shortly after graduating, I began working at Small Wonders preschool where I have taught 3–4-year-olds for 16 years!

serenity day care Sandy

Sandy Hawk

I am excited for the opportunity of merging our preschoolers with our Grandfriends. The two ages are on the complete end of the spectrum, but yet so much the same! The interactions will be fun learning time for both ages groups.

Serenity Kids Intergenerational Learning Center

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Parents of toddlers will receive daily updates reports about the child’s food intake, elimination, sleeping patterns and general behavior via Brightwheel. Formal parent-teacher conferences will be held twice a year (fall and spring).